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The CropLink, by AgSense, is your all in one telemetry option for your well. CropLink offers very flexible options: turning your well on and off, tracking water usage of your digital FlowMeter, and installation of weather station that transmits real time data to the WagNet app on your smartphone. This weather station allows you to view wind speed and direction, rainfall amounts for day and year, humidity levels, and temperature.  All while recording data for easy viewing on the desktop site.


Our Process

‚ÄčCombining digital technology and traditional services together is what Irrigation Services, LLC is all about. While other companies are selling individual products to clients, Irrigation Services, LLC takes a client through a process to identify needs and value added and then comes up with a system to implement on the clients land. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach with Irrigation Services, LLC. Each process is engineered specifically to the clients needs.